With a jam packed schedule, attendees were busy during the first day of the 2017 Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce DC Fly-In, but did have a chance to send short recaps and notes from their visits. Check out a recap below.

Senator Todd Young

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Accomplishments since taking office:
  • Human Resources – getting people into important judicial positions
  • Repealed major regulations – mining of surface coal
  • Working to update authorization to take military action against ISIS – currently operating under 2001 guidelines
  • Visiting distressed zip codes – high unemployment rates, high poverty rates – building trust, learning more about specifics
  • Continued improvements in Veterans health care – how can the system be changed?
  • Situation with North Korea is grave. He had lunch with President Trump yesterday and discussed President’s trip to Asia, this will be main focus. Not an easy situation to deal with.
The Chamber group expressed their interest for Sen Young to pursue future prison development. Sen. Young says there needs to be an updated environmental study before more opportunities can be sought. The good news; Young asked us to bring together community group to begin to look at these options. He will look into this.
Question asked by the group: What is biggest concern with tax bill?
A: “Let the perfect get in the way of the pretty good.”

US Representative Todd Rokita


Thoughts and Notes

  • Obamacare – individual and employer mandate need to go
  • Tax reform – “we don’t have a revenue problem, have a spending problem”
  • Need to decrease EPA regulations
  • In relation to airports: he is opposed to ATC privatization

Senator Joe Donnelly


Thoughts and Notes

  • 181st Intelligence Wing is a critical component of Terre Haute and the footprint is safe
  • Prison – needs more resources, needs expansion. Vital cog in the federal prison system.
  • Donnelly says he has an “Iron clad commitment to Wabash Valley”
  • Concerns with tax reform – may negatively impact working middle class families
Deborah Hohlt, Indiana’s Lobbyist for Governor Holcomb
“Thanks for being here…The world is run by those who show up!”
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  • Talked about being Part of Holcomb administration, saying he is committed to getting out into the public
  • Next level Indiana – NAFTA, working to represent the needs of Hoosier businesses
  • Tax reform – message to administration is “get it done”
  • Infrastructure- road funding
  • Development of northern Indiana into suburb of Chicago – take advantage of all the tax revenue associated with Chicago
Jackie Walorski, U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional district
Thoughts on Tax reform:
  • Tax reform finished late last night in ways and means committee. Rolled out in conference Thursday, to public shortly thereafter.
  • Ttax reform is the presidents big achievement
  • Challenging to represent the needs of Indiana through this process
  • Entitlement reform is coming, she will lead that initiative next year
  • She is modeling what is happening in Indianan and was started by Daniels
  • “I’m a happy Hoosier”