Terre Haute’s Queen City Classic Tattoo is bringing a new state of the art beauty treatment to the Wabash Valley. Also joining the Queen City team is Terre Haute native Ceci Spoonmore.
Queen City will host an Open House Thursday May 18th from 4-7pm featuring refreshments and free Queen City garb!
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For more on this new service, microblading, read below!
Congratulations to Ceci and Queen City on this new venture! We’re excited for you to expand your business, but for those who don’t know what is microblading?
 Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery or microstroking, is a great way to add life to your existing, or non-existent brows!  It is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses small groupings of fine needles to create tiny, realistic hair strokes, creating a more full shape. The process involves depositing pigment in the upper region of the dermis by using a hand tool and single use, sterile needles. We offer a detailed consultation to map out desired look, shape and color, all specific to each client. A follow-up retouch will be required within 4-6 weeks to ensure that micropigments are healing and responding well. Microblading, although semi-permanent, generally lasts between 9 – 24 months if proper aftercare instructions are maintained. With any type of surgery, body modification or art, there is a healing process involved and we want the best experience and results for every customer!
Ceci, you’re an experienced makeup artist with a passion and talent that goes beyond just makeup. Can you explain?
At 16, I experienced some severe facial scarring as the result of a car accident, and being a self-conscious teenage girl,  such a thing can really cause some major anxiety. So, instead of letting the scars and fear overtake me, I began spending time learning to properly cover, camouflage and heal them instead. I began to experiment with makeup and skin care products and quickly felt it was a natural fit. After attending the Aveda Institute in New York City, I began taking on editorial, event and bridal makeup clients and have been working and growing consistently since 2004. However, my eyebrows are the only feature that still seemed to give me trouble, as the most prominent scar runs right through my left side. I have spent hours shaping and filling with pencils and powders and still, to no avail. Tattooing them seemed very intimidating, but after hearing about microblading, I was extremely intrigued. Not only was this a great way to help solve my problem personally, but I was also drawn to the opportunity to be able to offer it to my clients. Nearly every generation has fallen victim to trends and many of us have manipulated our eyebrows by years of tweezing, waxing or simply aging naturally! But I also know more people than not, who have experienced hair loss from illness or circumstances beyond their control and would like to bring a refreshed, youthful look back to their face. To me, it is more than a service of vanity- because for many, it’s a means of healing.
If people are interested in microblading, what research should they do? What do they need to know? It’s not a “tattoo on the face”.
 Most of our clients have realistic expectations of results, while others may be fearful of the unknown. I encourage anyone who is interested to check out Pinterest or Instagram to browse for desired shapes and styles while keeping in mind that face shapes and skin textures will be taken into consideration. I am able to offer crisp, thin hair strokes, a more dense, shaded look or even a combination of both. A little browsing might help you determine what look might be a better fit and know that we will cover all the questions or concerns during the full consultation. While microblading is considered a tattoo, the application makes it a semi-permanent solution, giving the client an option to make changes in the future.
You’re hosting an Open House May 18 – tell us more!
We are so excited to welcome our current and future clients, and give them a preview of what microblading can do for them!  Most importantly, we are focused on educating those interested in the potential results, actual procedure and aftercare instructions. Because I’m new to this amazing team, I am grateful for a chance to introduce myself to their existing client base, all while inviting a new audience to join the Queen City network! Please join us Thursday May 18th from 4-7pm, for refreshments and free Queen City garb! I’ll be available to answer questions, overcome concerns and take appointment requests. Voted Tribune Star’s Reader’s Choice 2017 Best Tattoo Parlor, we are extremely proud of our talent, staff and facility and welcome the public to see for themselves.
We look forward to adding additional permanent cosmetic procedures to our broad menu of services in the future, as well as bringing additional value to our community. We are proud to marry the long-standing tradition of tattoo artistry, the modern style of the beauty industry and the upstanding customer service that Queen City Classic Tattoos has offered since 2013.