Top 5 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

While shopping locally may seem like it is more expensive, it really has its advantages for the community. So, this week, and beyond, take a moment to think about these top reasons to support local businesses.

  1. Local businesses tend to support nonprofits in their communities more than 200% than other businesses
  2. More money stays in the local economy. In fact, $68 of every $100 stays in the local communities when shopping a local business compared to only $43 of every $100 spent at a non-local business
  3. Cleaner environment. You can shop local businesses without as much driving, and even work in some walking around downtown areas in the Wabash Valley, reducing your own environmental impact.
  4. It keeps the Wabash Valley unique. Local businesses are often the vision of the owner and how it fits in their community. You can shop local, avoid cookie-cutter shops and help ensures we have these unique places to go and things to do for years to come.
  5. Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community who are more invested in the community’s future, and are also less likely to leave.

Special thanks to RED66 Marketing for contributing to this blog!