The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome guest blogger Shikha Bhattacharyya of reTHink.

Why reTHink?

We create almost 5 lb of trash per person per day. Mixed trash in landfills creates methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses are responsible for increasing atmospheric temperatures that are causing polar caps to melt and sea levels to rise. This is creating a problem for coastal cities and at a lot of places people have to relocate. This is also causing problems for a lot of animals. Landfills also leach chemicals due to heat and rain that is polluting rivers. reTHink, Inc. a non-profit organization (501c3) was established in 2015 October to raise awareness regarding trash and its impact on the environment.

The mission of reTHink is to promote environmental sustainability and empower underprivileged children to take care of themselves through gardening in Terre Haute. Our programs revolve around educating the community about environmental pollution and ways to reduce it. We like to focus on children because they will be inheriting the world that is more polluted. We also like to work with businesses because they can make small changes in their practices to create big changes and be the champions of the environment. reTHink has several programs and activities that the community can take part in. Following are some of our current programs:

Earth Heroes Club:

This is a neighborhood children's club, currently operating in Phoenix Hills (to be expanded to various interested neighborhoods). This is a group of children who immensely care about their environment and want to actively participate in creating a change in Terre Haute community. Children get together once a week and talk about the environment and make a presentation about what they did to save the environment that week. They can give examples of simple actions like taking a bus to school instead of riding in the car, refusing a straw and a lid, filling their water bottle instead of taking a disposable bottle etc. One child is the winner for the day and gets to wear the Earth Hero cape for the day. Club children also take part in neighborhood cleanups and other activities. If you would like to start an Earth Heroes club in your neighborhood or your classroom, please contact at

reTHink’s Earth Ambassadors:

reTHink, Inc. has started a facebook group of Earth ambassadors who deeply care about the earth and are willing to help reTHink in spreading awareness about environmental issues. An Earth ambassador can either be social media savvy and is willing to help reTHink by sharing social media posts created to raise awareness on environmental issues as well as promote programs and events. Or they can help us spread the message through emails, organizing small gatherings or simply talking to people about such issues. The sign up will take place at the ISU fountain on April 22nd, at 5 pm, at the Science March or at our table at the Saint Mary of the Woods Earth Day celebrations on April 22nd. Anyone who is interested in becoming an Earth Ambassador can also join the facebook page @

Through all our events and activities, we are trying to promote our CHANGE message –

C – Carry your water bottle

H – Hesitate to use Styrofoam

A – Avoid grocery bags

N – No to Straws

G – Grab your silverware

E – Eliminate single use coffee cups

Please like and follow us on facebook and Instagram at wabashrethinks or visit us at