The Terre Haute Chamber would like to recognize one of our great Ambassadors for the month of October.12642712_10153379582386361_3484799326151294025_n

Ambassador: Matt Luecking

Business: Terre Haute Savings Bank & B92.7

Tell us about your business and what you do.

I spend my days in the loan department working with customers at THSB.  I have had the pleasure of participating during the day in many Chamber Of Commerce ribbon cutting events.  I especially love the restaurant ones.  We’ve had a few over the years in Terre Haute. Which one is next is what I often sit and wonder?

I spend my weekday nights and Sunday Afternoon on the radio on B92.7 from 7pm-Midnight.  It’s of fun format of “Today’s Best Music.”  We play everything from Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, 21 Pilots, One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Rihanna.  I spent a lot of years in radio before banking, so I get the best of both worlds this way.


Why do you serve as an Ambassador?

I became a Chamber Of Commerce Ambassador, because I wanted to see businesses succeed in Terre Haute.  There are so many things that come here, that people don’t always hear about.  I am proud to say I have seen a lot of businesses open their doors, and I have enjoyed the camaraderie with other ambassadors as well.  Being a business owner myself, there’s nothing like seeing that excitement from new owners & staff when the mayor and the chamber staff go to cut the ribbon.  I always say that, “we are all in this together”, and I really want to see business thrive in Terre Haute.  I have really met some nice people in all the years that I have been involved with the Chamber.  It’s a great community of people that I am proud to be involved with multiple times each year.  I get excited to see something new, and I really want to promote the highlights of Terre Haute.  There are so many things that you might not realize are here if you just looked at things on the surface.  Being in the Chamber really keeps you in the loop of all the happenings in the community.


Thank you Matt for serving as an Ambassador through your commitment and dedication to the Chamber!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Contact Jessica Cox, Member Engagement and Event Director at or (812) 232-2391 for more information.