Inside a building off Springhill Drive in Terre Haute Troy Taylor and Chad Feller sit at a conference table busily talking on their phones. Each is working with different clients; Troy for Taylor Courier Service and Chad for Precision Lawn & Vigo Turf.

While the companies sound completely different, with little in common they have Troy and Chad in common. Just this year the two partnered on the purchase of Taylor Courier Service, ironically no relation to Troy, well at least not at first. Chad and his wife Amy also own and operate Precision Lawn and recently purchased Vigo Turf. Together the business partners operate the three companies out of their new location at 1400 E. Springhill Drive.

Under the new ownership Taylor Courier is busy traveling everywhere from the streets of Terre Haute to the southern states of Georgia to northern Michigan. Troy says if there’s a delivery or courier service to be made, he’ll make it happen.

“We had a big jump in July, maybe it was beginner’s luck but after that things have also been very good,” Troy explains. “We are offering a lot of services that the previous owners had scaled back on. We are now doing all the after hours and emergency runs; we went up to St. Louis and then went up to Michigan for a run. We are willing to take anything that we can take.”

Taylor Courier has the ability to deliver bulk mail before government services, route deliveries and after hours runs, emergency services in a multitude of vehicles.

On the other side, Chad and Amy operate Precision Lawn and Vigo Turf. The company provides lawn care, irrigation repair, building maintenance, commercial building services and turf and landscape care.

“We bought Taylor Courier because we saw potential growth. With any business you take a risk, but we saw potential,” Troy explains. “I do think that the three businesses together makes a one stop shop for commercial business, so you can get a lot of what you need with our business.”

Taylor Courier – Precision Lawn – Vigo Turf

1400 E. Springhill Drive Terre Haute, IN – (812) 235-6899