Pokémon Go is the newest craze in mobile apps. Nintendo released the app last week and within 24 hours small businesses everywhere were taking
notice. Some businesses are taking advantage of the lure feature, an item used to attract users, by paying a $10 daily fee to the app to drive foot traffic. Other business owners offer discounts and specials to attract potential customers. The manager of a pizzeria in Long Island City, Queens paid to lure a dozen Pokémon into his establishment. He reported that the shop’s business spiked by 75% over a few days. (Time)

Pokémon Go has placed predetermined PokeStop’s throughout the map where players can earn different items. Pokémon enthusiasts, and businesses, have the opportunity to add a lure module to different stops which attracts more Pokémon. More Pokémon in your area gives the potential of more customers drawn to your business. A lure module will cost you $1 of real money and will last 30 minutes at a time, so deciding when your rush hour is would be the best business opportunity for a sales increase.

Potential incentives for your customers are offering a discounted price for having a Pokemon level 100 or higher, being on a specific color team (red, yellow or blue), or holding a Pokémon meet up if your business is located at a Pokestop. The opportunities are endless because as Jason Paige once sang, gotta catch ‘em all!

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