Clinical Psychologist & Life/Business Coach Dr. Kathleen M. Hilton has three questions for her patients:

Are you as happy as you want to be?

Are you as successful as you could be?

Are you as fulfilled as you would like to be?

Hilton says if you answer “no” to any of the above questions you may be a candidate for her self-study course, “Me By Design”.

According to Hiltonunnamed (2)‘s course description, “This course is intended to guide you to a better understanding of who you are; get clarity on who you want to be; identify ways to become the person you want to be; and develop a master plan to become that person.”

In continues, “Most people are not living up to their potential and they are not reaching the level of happiness, success, and fulfillment they desire, but they could be and so could you! Becoming the person you want to be is the starting point for having the life you want. Who you are is the foundation.”


Hilton, who has also published a book, Partners in Business and Love: a guide to creating your ideal professional and personal life, explains that the course can be used by anyone for professional, personal or both and it can be completed in their own time from anywhere in the world.

Hilton has been practicing since the 1989 and has an office in the lower level of Meadow’s Shopping Center. She says her book, self-study course and work with patients is extremely fulfilling work.

“Helping people to be more successful, happier and more fulfilled is my purpose in life and it’s what makes me happy,” she explains. “If I can make someone else happy or change their lives in a way that makes it better, that’s what makes me happy.”

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