Terre Haute, Ind. – Two local sisters have found their “common ground” in business and fitness with their gym, Common Ground Crossfit + Yoga.

Opened in June 2015, Common Ground is the brainchild between partners and sisters Kelsey Terry and Molly Pabst. Both passionate about wellness and their respective disciples, they combined efforts to open the gym, which will celebrate one year in business on Monday, June 13.

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“Going into business together was something we’ve talked about for years…we just didn’t really think it would happen,” Terry explains. “The stars aligned for our dream to come true. It all happened rather fast. Molly found the building and we were off. Less than six months later Common Ground was up and running and we haven’t looked back since! We are constantly looking for new ways to better serve our clients.”

“We owe all our success to our members, Common Ground would be nothing without them,” Pabst continues. “Common Ground isn’t just a gym, it’s a home and we share it with wonderful people who motivate us just as much as we motivate them.”


The group celebrated one year in business with members of the Terre Haute Chamber on Monday, June 13. Open house visitors  were interested to see the “common ground” between both wellness experiences, Crossfit and Yoga. During the open house tours of the space will be available from 11:30-12pm, a Crossfit demonstration and Q&A from 12-12:30 and a chance to get in on the action during an interactive yoga demonstration/ class from 12:30-1.

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