Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member.


With spring and summer weather right around the corner it’s never too late to work off some of those winter pounds you gained, shake off the dust from being inside for months or maybe you just want to become more active. New Chamber of Commerce member, Terre Haute Fitness Center is just the place to get fit, no matter what the reason.

Zach Taylor owns and operates the gym, a business venture he took on nearly three years ago. Offering a little something for everyone, Taylor’s gym includes free weights, machines, cardio, Zumba and bootcamp classes and one feature unlike anything in the area, a complete boxing ring in the Sweatbox Gym.

“Variety is the biggest thing,” he explains. “Some people like to lift weights, some like to take classes, some like the cardio machines, they like to run. We like to offer a little of everything, maybe that is impossible, but that’s the goal.”

For the past few years Taylor has been listening to customers and customizing the gym to meet their needs. Just a few minutes from the heart of downtown, Terre Haute Fitness Center offers a community for it’s members; friendly competitions, fun incentive programs and a light atmosphere to create fun, fitness and friendships.

Terre Haute Fitness Center is open 24 hours. Membership is $30/month; no contracts, no registration fees, no gimmicks. Discounts for college students and military is $20/month.

“We are proud to be open 24 hours, some people can’t get in during the day; you get off work, get the kids, have supper, there are not enough hours to get it done, so if you want to come in at 5am or later in the evening, you have that option.”

Check out photos of the gym, boxing ring and group fitness room below. Also included is a photo of Zach Taylor celebrating National Small Business Week with a small flower presented to him by the Chamber, Downtown Terre Haute Inc and the ISBDC.


Terre Haute Fitness Center

1360 Lafayette Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47804

(812) 243-6630

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