Read below Zen Cat Yoga’s most recent newsletter with exciting announcements:

Partner Yoga, New Class, & Workshop

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”  Helen Keller

Namaste! As we move into the month of February, I encourage you to pause and think of those people, and even things, dear to your heart. In the chakra system, the fourth chakra, the Anahata Chakra, is located in the heart center. This energy center is associated with the air element and has the qualities of peace, love, unity, joy. With an open heart, let go and forgive others, find peace and joy, and understand we are all connected in one way or another. Whether it’s loving yourself, or someone else, celebrate Valentine’s day, and the month of February, with your whole heart!

Zen Cat Yoga welcomes new teacher, Leah Gray! Leah was once a self-described obese junk food addict and couch potato. Her wake-up call came in November 2011, when she saw “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” and it changed her life. In 2013, she discovered yoga and a new path. She is now a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and hopes to share her love for yoga and health through teaching at Zen Cat Yoga.

Join us in February for two special events! On Friday, February 12th, we will indulge in yoga, wine, & chocolate. Bring a friend, family member, or your sweetie for a fun evening of partner yoga and wine/chocolate tasting. On Saturday, February 20th, Devaki will lead a workshop titled, “All You Need is…Love!”. See details for both events below.

Don’t forget, we have 2 new classes on Monday nights; Gentle/Restorative Yoga at 5:30 pm and Yoga for Peace of Mind at 7:00 pm. Pre-registration for all classes is encouraged. At the very least, before you head out to class, give us a call or take a look at the online schedule to make sure the class you want to attend hasn’t been canceled! Finally, all class cancellations due to weather will be posted on Facebook and at our scheduling site.

Zen Cat Yoga wishes everyone a Valentine’s month filled with love and peace.

Om Shanti,