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Tammy Lundborg exhales, smiles and thanks her students for joining her on a Saturday morning.

The owner of Zen Cat Yoga just finished teaching the weekend yoga class called “Slow Down and Breathe”.

The smell of lavender fills the air as the students chat about how refreshed they feel after the hour long class.

Zen Cat Yoga is bringing traditional yoga to Terre Haute’s southside and everyone from yoga enthusiasts to first timers are pulling up a mat to see what Zen Cat is all about.

“I want to share traditional yoga with the Terre Haute community,” Tammy explains. “Sometimes its hard to break out of routine and traditional yoga is not common place here so I want to be able to share that.”

Tammy says her studio presents “traditional” yoga including focus on every aspect of the practice including stretching, spirituality, breathing and meditation. After teaching for years Tammy says she’s excited to be able to share her passion with others.

“I discovered yoga in the 2000s and when I got to Terre Haute I was limited where I could do yoga, there weren’t that many locations,” Tammy says. “I decided that I wanted to learn about yoga on my own and I received my teacher certification. When I did the training I didn’t intend on teaching, I just wanted to know more and I had read Eat, Pray, Love and I loved the book and it inspired me to learn more. I started teaching and I have always wanted to open my own business and it kind of feel into line when we opened Bottle 41 and the space next door opened and there was not a yoga studio on this end of town so I decided to go for it.”

And she did! The studio opened in Ellis Plaza in Terre Haute in July 2015. Just one door away from her husband Mike’s business, wine and craft beer store, Bottle 41. The husband and wife duo work together to operate both businesses and even plan to combine their efforts in the future.

“It’s an opportunity to spend more time together in a sense because we are working hands on with each other,” Mike says. “Being real close works out fine and in fact we would like to do a wine and yoga event.”

For Tammy owning her own studio is a dream come true and one that she’s excited to share.

“It’s pretty exciting,” she says with a smile. “I am excited. I didn’t know if I was able to do this but we are making it work and I am excited about the possibilities of events, workshops and creative endeavors…I want to introduce yoga to the Terre Haute community and I want them to know the benefits that it offers and it is open to all ages and all religions, it is for everybody.”

View the class schedule here.

Zen Cat Yoga: 5127 1/2 S US Hwy 41 Terre Haute, Indiana ~ (812) 841-1129