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The name of Terre Haute’s southside wine store, Bottle 41, is not just a clever title, but a great description of the store.

Stepping through the door, hundreds and hundreds of bottles of wine line the walls and cover the main display table of the store.

Owner Mike Lundborg says the store boasts over 200 different types of wine (red, white, sparkling, even olive oil!) and more than 20 craft beer offerings. Local wines are featured and new craft beers are brought in often.

“It’s about bringing good quality wine to Tere Haute,” Mike says. “The wines that we have at the store you won’t find anywhere else in town. We get them from all around the world; Chile, South Africa, to the states. Good quality wines are hard to find and you won’t find a better bottle of wine anywhere else than at Bottle 41.”

For those excited about trying new wines, Bottle 41 hosts tastings twice a month and the staff loves to offer suggestions on dinner pairings or just what bottle is best for your taste buds.

“Our customers appreciate that we pair the wines,” Mike explains. “That is one of the biggest questions that I get; I am having fish tonight what goes well with fish, give me a good wine or what’s in this bottle of wine, is it any good? We sit down and talk with them and explain what’s in the bottle, what they can experience.”

What customers can experience other than unique offerings is a good price-point.

Mike says while his stock is different, it’s not intimidating or expensive.

“The boutique wines; most of the wines that I have are between $10-20; really reasonable and really good wines,” he says. “The craft beers are really expanding fast and we have really expanded our customers base.”

But even if you’re clueless about wine or craft beer Mike says he welcomes those that want to know more.

“We are here to help, that is really what we are here for. If we can get the community the realize what we are and what we do here at the Bottle in terms of educating about wine they will learn and enjoy their wine much better.”

Bottle 41: 5131 S US Hwy 41 (Ellis Plaza) Terre Haute, Indiana ~ (812) 841-1985

Hours: Monday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Tue-Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm